The Players Board

The Players Board is responsible for everything that has to do with putting on productions and all the technical aspects that go along with those productions.

President: Gregory D. Martini
Vice-President: Peggy Miller-Zelinko
Secretary: Sandra Deering

Anna Wojciechowski
Bonnie Holmes
Jenna Pittman
Marshall Brown
Pete Tassone
Tony Boyd

Permanent Treasurer:  Laura Schmitt

The Inc. Board

The Inc. Board is the administrative and business arm of Ridgedale Players.  Their responsibility is to provide the Players Board with the resources necessary to produce the highest quality entertainment possible while nurturing our local community support.   They also manage Ridgedale’s long-term investments, as well as maintaining the building and property.

President: Tracy J. Altman
Vice President: Bill Hellebuyck
Secretary: Jeff Jones
Treasurer: Stan Iobst

Laura Schmitt