Open Auditions for Hollywood Arms


Director: Chris Polhill

Assistant Director: Kathy Kade

Audition Dates:

Sunday, July 14th

Registration begins at 6:30pm; auditions begin at 7:00pm


Monday, July 15th

Registration begins at 6:30pm; auditions begin at 7:00pm

Performance dates:

September 13th, 14th, 15th

September 21st, 22nd, 23rd

September 27th, 28th, 29th

Synopsis: Set in California in 1941 and 1951, HOLLYWOOD ARMS is the funny and moving story of three generations of women living on welfare in a one-room apartment, one block north of Hollywood Boulevard. The cast of characters include a tough, funny, yet tender pill-popping Christian Scientist grandmother; a beautiful wide-eyed and distant mother who is struggling to be a writer, only to drown her ambitions in a bottle; a loving but absent and alcoholic father; and a young girl whose only escape is up on the roof of their rundown apartment house where she creates her own magical world at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. Finally, it’s a story about shattered hopes and realized dreams.

To request audition cuts, please email the director at:

**In your email, please indicate the role(s) you are interested in (see below) and feel free to ask Chris if you have any questions about any characters.  It is strongly suggested that you come to the audition with these materials prepared.

**Age listed below is the age of the character, not necessarily the age of the actor.

**The cast will rehearsal three days a week: Sundays @ 2pm, Tuesdays @ 7:00pm, and Thursdays @ 7:00pm. (Please note there will be no rehearsals Labor Day weekend or Labor Day). Tech week will run September 8th-12th.

**If you cannot attend either of the audition dates, please email the director at the address above by July 1st to arrange a pre-audition.

Click below for audition scene cuts:



[Seeking 9 actors]

Louise – Female

Helen’s mother starts off a dreamer but slowly begins to hide behind alcohol. She wants to become a Hollywood writer, but as life begins to let her down, she turns to the bottle more and more.

Age: 30s to 40s


Nanny – Female

Helen’s grandmother, who holds the family together, is practical yet eccentric. She is very religious, yet hard and judgmental on others. This role requires a Texas accent.

Age: 50s to 70s


Young Helen – Female

Louise’s daughter is a quiet dreamer and grows up in the shadow of Hollywood.  She is always worried about Nanny’s health, often too much so.

Age: 10 to 13


Older Helen – Female

College bound, she gets bitten by the entertainment bug and is destined for more than her humble beginnings. This role will require great comedic talent and timing.

Age: 18 to 20s


Jody – Male

An absent father who loves his daughter. He is trying to stay sober and suffering from tuberculosis.

Age: 30s to 40s


Bill – Male

He loves Louise despite her shortcomings, but only has so much patience.

Age: 30s to 40s


Dixie – Female

Owner of the building Louise, Nanny, and Helen live in, befriends Louise. She is a good model of support.

Age: 30s to 40s


Malcolm – Male

Dixie’s son, troublemaker but not a bad kid, typical young boy.

Age: 10 to 13


Alice – Female

Louise’s daughter out of wedlock, spoiled, but not a brat all the time.

Age: 10 to 13

** Female roles may require some singing and those auditioning for the roles of Nanny, Louise, Young Helen, Older Helen, and Alice will be required to audition A capella.

**Those reading for Nanny, Louise, and Older Helen will be required to sing the beginning of “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.”  Contact the director for this cut, but you can also listen to a clip using the link provided:


**Those reading for Young Helen and Alice will be required to sing from “When I’m Calling You” by Slim Whitman. Actors need not worry about the opening yodeling, just sing the two opening lines “When I’m calling yoooo, Will you answer toooo?”  Please listen to a clip using the link provided: